Inspiring Christian students

to stand against injustice.


Just Love needs your support.

We want to be able to give the best strategic and pastoral support to our individual Just Love groups. We want to connect Just Love groups with organisations who are leading the way in bringing about social justice, so that they might learn and be inspired. We want to facilitate the emergence of new Just Love groups all over the country. We want to provide high quality training for people running Just Love groups. We want to produce top class resources to ensure that our students are equipped to lead and facilitate quality social justice projects. 

We have already mobilised students to raise tens of thousands of pounds for those living poverty; seen thousands of petitions signed; thousands of volunteer hours served in local communities; hundreds of prayer meetings attended. We can do so much if we get the right levels of support, so if you believe in the work of Just Love, and want to see a generation of Christian students who are inspired and released to pursue social justice, please consider donating to the work that we do. You can give to Just Love online via our Stewardship recipient account here (registered charity no. 1167174.)

Thank you for your support!


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