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Who we are.

We're a new community for Christian students in Norwich inspired by God's heart for a broken world to bring hope and restoration to those in need. In order to try and fully engage and equip Christian students to fight for social justice we have three streams of focus; local, global and personal.


At a local level we really just want to love the city of Norwich in whatever way we can. At the moment we have decided that focus will be on the homeless population of our city, of which there is quite a lot. We are currently in the process of setting up outreach teams who will go out onto the streets on a regular basis to bring friendship, love, prayer, conversation and hopefully food and drink on a regular basis. We are also hoping to pair up with what the Salvation Army are doing on the streets, with their main outreach being their daily soup kitchen.


The global focus of Just Love Norwich aims to do the following:

1. Learn about different areas of the world, maybe the bits that aren't as prevalent in the media, and get a global perspective. 

2. Connect and pray for our Christian brothers and sisters around the globe and find ways to support them.

3. Make the most of our global connections: giving international students or those of us with stories an opportunity to speak about their experiences.


The personal stream aims to support students in their daily pursuit of social justice. We raise awareness of social issues through social media and inform students about the range of opportunities to pray, serve, give and live for those in need. We also plan to set up a blog to create a space for students to express personal reflections and stories.

Inspiring Christian students

to stand against injustice.