Who we are.

Just Love Cambridge exists to inspire all Christian students in Cambridge to seek God's heart for social justice, and to release them to build his kingdom through advocacy, action and prayer.

We want to be a Christian presence in the university showing the power of Jesus’ love for those suffering under injustice. It is important to us that a connection is made between the imperatives we see in the Bible to care about those on the edges of society, and an opportunity to put our faith into action by practically serving those people.

We want to make a difference on three different levels: personally, in the lives of Christian students, locally, meeting the needs of the disadvantaged in the local area, and globally, raising awareness about and taking action on injustices around the world.


To inspire Christian students in Cambridge to think more seriously about the importance of social justice in the Christian life, we run ‘launch events’ each term to explore the theology of justice. We have held discussion groups to further explore what this means for our lives. Previously, we have taken part in ‘Live Below the Line’ and the 'Mean Bean Challenge' as a chance to improve our empathy for those living in poverty and hunger around the world, and to release students to start to think and live differently about how they relate to issues of global injustice.


​To get involved with addressing some of the injustices in the local area, we have been collecting for the local foodbank as well as getting involved with Foodcycle, a local project which uses food which would otherwise be wasted to cook meals for those living in food poverty. During the winter months, we send volunteers to help with the Cambridge Churches Homeless Project in which different churches open their building up for around 12 men to share a meal and sleep in. Through gathering a group of local volunteers and running a speaker event, we are hoping to engage with how we should respond to the issue of homelessness.


​​There are so many injustices around the globe that it can be daunting to know where to start. But we have chosen to focus particularly on the issues of human trafficking, the persecuted church and the refugee crisis. In the past, we ran a screening of the documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls to inspire students to take action on the widespread issue of human trafficking. We also ran a 'Secret Church' event in which we attempted to hold a gathering in a similar way to how many Christians regularly meet. We are hoping to join with other local and national organisations, such as City of Sanctuary, in order to encourage students to engage with the reality facing those who have fled their homes.

If you'd like to be a part of what we do, please email us at cambridge@justloveuk.com, or check out our Facebook page!

Inspiring Christian students

to stand against injustice.



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