Who are you, Just Love?

We believe that standing with the poor, the marginalised and the oppressed is a fundamental part of the Christian faith, and yet so many of us find it difficult to make this a priority. 

We want to challenge Christian students to think about how social justice relates to their faith, and give them ways to practically engage with it. 

This section gives you some more details about the Just Love vision (which took us hours of meetings to carefully craft, so we’d really appreciate it if you had a look).

It also explores a bit about God and social justice, and why the two probably go together pretty well. Additionally, you have the exciting option of learning about our history, an emotional roller-coaster of a story if ever there was one.

​You can also meet the ‘team’. We have four full-time employees, as well as a whole host of brilliant people on our trustee and advisory boards- you can read about them in this section too. 

​About Us.

Inspiring Christian students

to stand against injustice.